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Vitality Air has representing the Portable Oxygen Cylinder for Emphysema. Are you the patient of Emphysema? If ye then you should buy online fresh air bottle in India to breathe in the fresh oxygen. The pollution in the environment is become the big problem for the people of the modern world and due to the pollution problem they facing the different respiratory disorders in their life. Vitality Air Portable Oxygen Can for Emphysema is the ideal treatment for the patients who are suffering from this major disease in their life. This is not the common disease and you may also face lots of irreversible conditions with this problem. Medical Oxygen Therapy to alleviate the symptoms and stop it from spreading. Our small oxygen cylinder helps the patients in getting sufficient supply of oxygen.

With the regular use of the Oxygen Can in your lifestyle you will sable to fight with all types of respiratory and infection disease. Even the efficient oxygen supply in your blood stream has been taking place if you use the medical oxygen bottle in the regular life. This will also improves the energy and stamina levels of a person. Hence you can breathe in the fresh air and also improves the oxygen levels in the conditions of emphysema also while using the medical oxygen can. The portable oxygen cylinders are not only using by the patients but also by the fit people in the gym and workouts.

Vitality Air 10L Premium Oxygen Bottle

RS. 2277.62 RS. 999.00

  • Product Code: VA01
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This is the normal and easy to carry fresh air bottle.
You can spray the portable oxygen cylinder air in your mouth
The fresh air bottle contains 99% Pure Oxygen for healthy lungs
You can easily remove the problem of breathing in polluted air with the portable oxygen can.
The Fresh Air Bottle has come in the different quantities and you can choose the pack of oxygen as per your requirement.

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