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Asthma is a major or chronic disease that obstructing breathing in humans. Asthma can be caused because of numerous reasons such as exposure to pollution or physical exercises. Vitality Air Introduced oxygen can or oxygen cylinder for the Asthma Patients which is easily available in India. This is the fresh air oxygen cylinder for home and if you are facing the problem of asthma then you should buy online Fresh Air Bottle in Delhi for fighting with this major disease. Now Portable Oxygen Cylinder in Delhi for Asthma Patients has been available on our website. You may not able to breathe in the normal altitude also if you are facing the problem of asthma attack. In the Asthma Attack patients breathe, chest tightness and coughing. Actually, the airway gets constricted making it tuff for the air to move in and out of the lungs.

Hence Vitality Air Medical Oxygen Kit is one of the helpful sources to improve the oxygen levels in the body of Asthma Patients. The Medical Oxygen Cylinder of 70 Liters to 7000 Liters should be used by the Asthma Patients as per the doctor recommendation. However, you should also take the advice of doctor before starting the regular use of the Portable Medical Oxygen in the regular life for the breathing problems. We are the dealer of Portable Fresh Air Oxygen Medical Cylinders in India and you can order this ideal oxygen medical remedy at your home from our website.

Vitality Air 10L Premium Oxygen Bottle

RS. 2277.62 RS. 999.00

  • Product Code: VA01
  • Availability: In Stock

This is the normal and easy to carry fresh air bottle.
You can spray the portable oxygen cylinder air in your mouth
The fresh air bottle contains 99% Pure Oxygen for healthy lungs
You can easily remove the problem of breathing in polluted air with the portable oxygen can.
The Fresh Air Bottle has come in the different quantities and you can choose the pack of oxygen as per your requirement.

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