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The Portable Oxygen Cylinder for Kedarnath Yatra is a handy tool for the pilgrimages by which they can enhance the level of oxygen in their body with the use of Fresh Air Oxygen Can in Delhi. There are so many people who are planning to wish for the Kedarnath Yatra because this is one of the most popular Hindu’s Temple. As we know, only fit and healthy people are able to complete this tuff journey because the temple of Kedarnath is situated on the high altitude and that’s why the problems of breathing and low levels of oxygen faced by the people on this place. The Fresh Air Bottle for Kedarnath Yatra of our company is the best tools to travel for your Kedarnath Journey without any obstacles and hassles.
Height of Kedarnath From Sea Level: 11,755 ft

Why You Need Oxygen Cylinder for Kedarnath Yatra:

The Fresh Air Bottle in Delhi has been used by so many people for home use or outside use also. People are not only using the Oxygen Can or Cylinder for the fresh air oxygen but also improve the energy and strength level in the body. The person can also improve the performance in the sports and workouts with the regular application of Portable Oxygen Can in India.

Benefits of Using Portable Oxygen Can for Kedarnath Yatra:

Breathe Without the Hurdles of Low Oxygen Levels
Improves Oxygen Levels in the High Altitude Also
Avoid Mountain Sickness
Breath in the fresh air
Complete Your Journey of Kedarnath Yatra Without the Fatigue and Anxiety

Comparision with bulky Oxygen Cylinders:

Details Portable Vitality Air CAN Bulky Oxygen cylinder
Weight Very light weight(100gms) Very bulky heavy(20-50Kgs)
Accessibility Easy Not
Mobility /handy Very mobile Not mobile
Storage Can keep anywhere Limited
Additional uses of Vitality Air in medical
Breathlessness Asthma & COPD
Emergencies Respiratory Infections
Recovery from low OXYGEN levels Hypoxia
Exacerbation Choking
Senior Citizens Heart Conditions

Comparision with bulky Oxygen Cylinders:

Purity of Oxygen Vitality Air packs CONTAIN  99% pureMEDICAL OXYGEN
Net volume of container 500 ml
Gas content 6.0 liters
LIGHT Weight 120 gms EASY TO CARRY

Vitality Air 10L Premium Oxygen Bottle

RS. 2277.62 RS. 999.00

  • Product Code: VA01
  • Availability: In Stock

This is the normal and easy to carry fresh air bottle.
You can spray the portable oxygen cylinder air in your mouth
The fresh air bottle contains 99% Pure Oxygen for healthy lungs
You can easily remove the problem of breathing in polluted air with the portable oxygen can.
The Fresh Air Bottle has come in the different quantities and you can choose the pack of oxygen as per your requirement.

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